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Rebellious Voices

Rebellious Voices Podcast, E1 with Holly Sedlacek-Bell

In this episode, our guest is an Ironman athlete who introduces her diverse background and coaching expertise. The conversation delves into the core elements of passion, performance, and perseverance in all areas of your life, but while bleeding.

Rebellious Voices Podcast E2 w/ Brunei Deneumostier

Brunei Deneumostier is a creative based in Netherlands. They draw from their Brazilian/Peruvian heritage to create storytelling for making a better world.

Rebellious Voices Podcast Episode 3 w/ Afrikana Stories

Listen in on an already-started discussion with my friend, Afrikana Stories! She took over the interview and I was on the stand 🙂 Grab your favourite beverage and join us on an exploration about periods.

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The Renaissance Period is a taboo-busting, digital platform providing all those who menstruate (and their allies!) with personalized options for their menstruation needs via subscription boxes (coming soon) and other relevant products, engaging content, and an inclusive community to support them.

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