For we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]; you are God’s cultivated field [His garden, His vineyard], God’s building.

What attracts me to any platform is the ease and use of it, and that’s what happened when I met Dubsado! I won’t lie, I am no tech guru and these tech terms gives me the hee-bee jee-bees! But Dubsado made the transition into my new role a breeze! They were the answer to my prayers – how in the world can I manage my clients without them driving me crazy??

Listen, I’ve said it over and over that I am an extreme introvert! Well, that doesn’t work too well in the entrepreneurial space 🙂 You HAVE to talk to people. You HAVE to interact with them. You HAVE to get out there in these internet streets and promote your business. Otherwise you will fail. Period.

Well, Dubsado was the perfect combination to my extreme introvert-ism, and managing my clients with ease! I could literally create a workflow that would guide my clients AND my staff along the path of completion .. all of my intake forms, questionnaires, proposals, pricing packages, invoices, contracts, you name it, it’s all in Dubsado, sitting in an automatic workflow. All I have to do is sit back (most times I’m in my t-shirt and panties), and click the “go” button. I run my businesses from the comfort of my own home, with scented candles and a hot cup of coffee on deck.

The learning curve?? Child they have library of training videos that will remove any doubt. Now, I will say this, it is because of Cameron (he’s one of the owners) and his amazing training skills, I built my workflow step by step. I think it was like 9 videos or something, but I attended the live session (I love watching him) and, at the end of the training, I had my customer journey and funnel done! All I needed to do was the graphics, which you already know… I used my friend, Canva!

So, look… I got a deal for you. If you want to organize your business into one place, try Dubsado.. and if you need help setting up your business, hit up your girl! I’ve done it enough times that NOW it’s an offering in my business 🙂 THAT’S the power of Dubsado baby 🙂

My legacy was built with Dubsado.

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