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the birth of black seeds publishing

healing is my passion

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Know Me.

I’m an extreme introvert! It is true. I don’t like being in crowds, and having strangers touch me sends me into an internal frenzy!

For years, I thought something was wrong with me. I mean, it takes a considerable effort just to leave the house! What kind of freak am I??

Then I realized, I’m not freaky. I’m not weird. I’m not crazy.

I am different. I’m an empath. And this is my world. Welcome and brace yourself … it’s going to be quite a ride! 🙂

Practice Makes Perfect

Freelance Creative

good to know.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I tried working in the corporate job – did a helluva good job at it, too. I work better as a boss.

Very little scares me now that I know who I am and where I fit in the scheme of things.

And I don’t like bugs 🙁

Work Experience.

I’ve served in the military, college universities, churches, corporate and private sectors. I’ve traveled the world, but my very first job was newspaper delivery girl.

Delivering the local newspaper to my small hometown taught me the first lesson of servitude.


I have a dual Masters degree in international business development, yet my greatest teacher has been my travels.

I am nomadic by blood, and the stories and life lessons I share with you comes from my personal experience of leaving my home (THE greatest challenge).

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


book design

No two books look the same! Every one deserves its own customized shine!


website design

Let’s build a legacy website to share your message, movement, and history!


creative design

Books, websites, videos, digital nomad…I go where creativity takes me!

more about me

I'm an

I have many layers. There are so many facets of me that makes me interesting, yet boring at the same time. I make myself laugh, and laughter is the beginning of not taking sugar-honey-ice-tea too seriously.


Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and now living abroad in Ghana. I love tasting different foods, learning about different cultures, and experiencing life outside of my comfort zone. And yes, I’m STILL an extreme introvert.


There is nothing better than a good mystery & suspense novel… except when I write! Along my nomadic journey, I’ve picked up the most amazing stories. Now, I can share them with you.

It is time for US to write the new history books for the generations coming after us. THAT is Black Seeds.


I put on the Director’s hat back in 2020. It was obvious that writing is also my passion, and putting my thoughts on paper and screen excites me. It’s more of a hobby than a purpose, but it fulfills both.


I’m a healer. Everything I do, whether it is writing, editing, publishing, video editing, cooking or cleaning, I do it all under the purpose of healing. Laughter is my go-to. If I can make you laugh, I’ve done my part 🙂 Laughter is like medicine to the soul (Proverbs 15:13).