For we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]; you are God’s cultivated field [His garden, His vineyard], God’s building.

i'm jamie hopkins.

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the birth of black seeds publishing

healing is my passion

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Know Me.

I’m an extreme introvert! It is true. I don’t like being in crowds, and having strangers touch me sends me into an internal frenzy!

For years, I thought something was wrong with me. I mean, it takes a considerable effort just to leave the house! What kind of freak am I??

Then I realized, I’m not freaky. I’m not weird. I’m not crazy.

I am different. I’m an empath. And this is my world. Welcome and brace yourself … it’s going to be quite a ride! 🙂

Practice Makes Perfect

Freelance Creative

good to know.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I tried working in the corporate job – did a helluva good job at it, too. I work better as a boss.

Very little scares me now that I know who I am and where I fit in the scheme of things.

And I don’t like bugs 🙁

Work Experience.

I’ve served in the military, college universities, churches, corporate and private sectors. I’ve traveled the world, but my very first job was newspaper delivery girl.

Delivering the local newspaper to my small hometown taught me the first lesson of servitude.


I have a dual Masters degree in international business development, yet my greatest teacher has been my travels.

I am nomadic by blood, and the stories and life lessons I share with you comes from my personal experience of leaving my home (THE greatest challenge).

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


book design

No two books look the same! Every one deserves its own customized shine!


website design

Let’s build a legacy website to share your message, movement, and history!


creative design

Books, websites, videos, digital nomad…I go where creativity takes me!

more about me

I'm an

I have many layers. There are so many facets of me that makes me interesting, yet boring at the same time. I make myself laugh, and laughter is the beginning of not taking sugar-honey-ice-tea too seriously.


Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and now living abroad in Ghana. I love tasting different foods, learning about different cultures, and experiencing life outside of my comfort zone. And yes, I’m STILL an extreme introvert.


There is nothing better than a good mystery & suspense novel… except when I write! Along my nomadic journey, I’ve picked up the most amazing stories. Now, I can share them with you.

It is time for US to write the new history books for the generations coming after us. THAT is Black Seeds.


I put on the Director’s hat back in 2020. It was obvious that writing is also my passion, and putting my thoughts on paper and screen excites me. It’s more of a hobby than a purpose, but it fulfills both.


I’m a healer. Everything I do, whether it is writing, editing, publishing, video editing, cooking or cleaning, I do it all under the purpose of healing. Laughter is my go-to. If I can make you laugh, I’ve done my part 🙂 Laughter is like medicine to the soul (Proverbs 15:13).

The Seed Story.

The Black Seeds concept came about one day as I was watching a movie on Netflix, and in the title were the words “Black Seeds”. Those two words stuck in my spirit, so I took it to the altar. I took those words in my prayer time, my Psalm 91 secret place and I asked The Most High (TMH) about it. And then, pictures of moments of times from my past of when those two words were most active in my life. Times when I was serving in my gifts of healing, administration, miracles, faith, teaching, seer, so on and so forth. Times in the dark when I felt depleted, yet suddenly strength appeared. Times when I’ve been planted and times when I’ve been sprouted. Times… moments… all adding up to this very moment. Another time in space. A space where time does not exist. 

Yes, we co-exist in a space with and without time at the same time. But that’s another story for another day (check out my blog where I share more about faith and this journey).

Seeds were being planted inside of me, and then through me. Seeds where I’ve shared my gifts for free and seeds where I’ve charged an undervalued amount. All of those times came rushing to my present memory.

Did you know that we, as powerful Light Beings, have the capacity and capability to transform into any thing we need or wish? It’s not magical, there’s no witchcraft involved, no evil spirit speaking to you… no, it’s a simple concept. All you have to do is just BE. When you allow yourself to just Be, the world around you cooperates. Okay, so what does that have to do with Black Seeds?

I’ll have to take you back to the beginning. Genesis…. The story of creation. Aha! There is no ONE story of creation. There are many and will be many more. It’s the greatest deceit that there is only one creation story.

No, not my beginning here on Earth, but rather my beginning in the Spirit. When The Most High first said, “Let us make man in our image.” And then there was, and will always be. That blows my mind, and even still I cannot fully grasp the total concept of my genesis. 

Over the years of traveling through various parts of the world, cultures, languages, faiths, I’ve seen humanity in many forms. I’ve seen grown men rape babies, and yet I’ve seen grandmothers show granddaughters her famous peach cobbler recipe. I’ve seen love and hate from the same persons. I’ve seen, and done, a LOT. And they were all seeds along my path.

My seeds became my greatest lessons. And now, I want to teach those lessons to you…. the one who will read my words thousands of years from now. Take these lessons to heart. Carry wisdom and let Love guide you.

Always and forever a Light Being❤️

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