For we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]; you are God’s cultivated field [His garden, His vineyard], God’s building.

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Planting Seeds of Love, Forgiveness and Healing

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BSP_Yaa Asantewaa
Yaa Asantewaa,
West African War Leader

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We are all seeds in a garden. Every day we choose to either plant kindness or anger, goodness or pain, joy or pollution. Black Seeds Publishing nurtures those seeds to produce more of what the world needs (in self and others): love, forgiveness, and healing.

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One of my favorite teachings comes from the great apostle Paul as he spoke about the role of us as followers of Yahusha Mashiach (Hebrew name for Jesus Christ). The Apostle shared that everything we do is not about us, but “we”. We plant, we water, but it is Elohiym who blesses.

Since the genesis of my entrepreneurship, I’ve met amazing seeds that needed to be watered and shared with the world. To feed us more with lovingkindness, forgiveness and healing. When you invest in my friends, you also take part of the planting and watering process!

To help preserve and disseminate Indigenous culture, history, and knowledge for future generations. We want to be the leading publisher of Indigenous content in the world!

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book design

No two books look the same! Every one deserves its own customized shine!


website design

Let’s build a legacy website to share your message, movement, and history!


creative design

Books, websites, videos, digital nomad…I go where creativity takes me!

To be the premier publisher of books and videos about Indigenous culture, history, and knowledge. We want to educate the world about our people and our history!

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